Finding Relationships - Science Examples

Scientists are interested in the relationships between the things they study. If they study birds, they are interested in the relationship between a birds physical characteristics and the type of food they eat. They are interested in the type of nests that each bird makes in relation to the places that they live. If they are studying the body and health they want to find the relationship between what we eat and how we feel. They want to know the relationship between daily exercise and how long we can live. If they study the planets, they want to know the relationship between comets and indentations on the surface of the moon.

Now let's try a question!

What is the relationship between a bee building its hive and flowers being fertilized?
As bees fly from flower to flower getting nector to build their hive, they pick up and spread pollen fertilizing flowers
Bee wax is used to fertilize flowers
Bees create pollen used to fertilize flowers
No Relationship

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