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Relationships questions are at the core of, and key to, what we can discover in many topics in the social studies. What is the relationship between the early explorers search for spices and precious metals and the discovery of America? What is the relationship between the indigenous people and the new settlers? What is the relationship between the 13 colonies and the federal government they were creating?

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Exploration and Colonization of California

The first European exploration of California was done by Spain. Father Serra and his missionaries were sent by Spain to establish missions in California. In addition to colonizing California, many of the missions created a very successful mission economy.

What was the relationship between a successful mission economy and the local Native Americans?
The mission wealth was created by the military attacks against the local Native Americans
Native Americans performed much of the farm labor that generated the wealthy economy
The mission wealth was created by stealing from the local Native Americans
There is no relationship

The California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush played a major role in bringing immigrants to the state.

What was the relationship between John Sutter's saw mill and mining for gold?
Saw mills could be easily converted to gold mines
Wood from Sutter's mill was used to make tools for gold mining
Gold was first discovered while building Sutter's new saw mill
There is no relationship

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