Using Rhymes to Remember

Rhyme to remember - it is easy to remember words, facts, and numbers if you put them into a song or rhyme. Using words that rhyme (or have the same sound like the "a" in cat, bat, and sat) at the end of each line of the song helps you have fun with what you are trying to remember.

Example: This little rhyme tells us which months have 30 days in them.

30 days has September
April, June, and November

Remember this rhyme can help you recall how many days are in each month. It tells us which months have 30 days. All the others have 31 days, except February which has 28 days.

Now which months have 30 days? Don't look back at the answer, remember the rhyme..
September, April, May and November
September, April, June and November
June, July and August
September, October, November and December

Let's try another one. Let's make up a song or rhyme to help remember the words: fly, sky and high. How about, ...

I like to fly
up in the sky
see the kite up so high

Now try some on your own. Can you make up a song or rhyme with words you want to learn from each list below.

1. Make a rhyme to remember 3 words from the following list: [bat, sat, fat, cat, flat, rat, hat, pat, mat ]

2. Make a song or rhyme to remember the birthdays in your family. Example:

My mom was born the 5th of May
Which is why she likes to play
My dad was born the 12th of June
and he looks like the man on the moon

3. Make up a list of words or names that you want to remember and make your own rhyme.

Now lets try to use this new skill in some subject examples

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