Getting Started with Kidport

Welcome to Kidport. Here are some suggestions that should get you off to a good start. Please be aware that many sections of Kidport are still under construction. Please excuse any work in progress. If you have any comments or suggestions please send them to Kidport.

Kidport Home Page Menu

If you haven't gone through the "About Kidport" section, we suggest you start here. About Kidport will give you a good overview of the key concepts including: Think-and-Learn, workbook materials, reference library materials, and projects. Once you have completed this section, move on this this next step.

Kidport content is organized by grade. Simply select the grade you wish. This takes you to the Kidport Grade-Level Home Page. All content for that grade level is available from this page. From the remote control you can also access the Think-and-Learn Site Map and the Reference Library Main Page. Follow along to the next graphic to examine the grade-level home pages.

In addition to the remote control menu, you can also get to other Kidport content such as the Kidport Store using other menu items on the Kidport Home Page.


Grade-Level Main Page Menu

The key piece of the grade-level main page is the subject menu. From this menu you can select individual subject workbook material (i.e., math, science, social studies, language arts and creative arts). You can also go directly to the reference library materials for that grade. You can see all of the reference library content by accessing it from the Kidport home page.

Below the subject icons is the Think-and-Learn icon which takes you to the Think-and-Learn materials for that grade. You can also see all of the Think-and-Learn modules for K-8 by selecting the icon from the Kidport Home Page.

Educational Content Level

Once you have selected a topic from the grade-level main page you will get specific interactive education pages, including workbook modules, Think-and-Learn modules and reference library modules. Note that many of the interactive education modules require the Shockwave plugin. You can get access to this plugin from the Macromedia web site. Just click on the Shockwave button on the Kidport home page.

For your convenience, the title bar at the top of each page includes a menu of commonly used pages. You can also click on sections of the title to navigate backwards. For example, if you are looking at a Grade 1, Mathematics, Counting activity - clicking on mathematics in the title takes you back to the Grade 1 math index, clicking on Grade 1 in the title takes you back to the Grade 1 subject index, clicking on the Kidport Logo takes you back to the Kidport home page.


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