Curriculum Standards

Kidport content is organized by grade-level and subject. We have attempted to accommodate national and state curriculum standards. This can be challenging given their many differences. If you have any concerns or comments on Kidport content relative to curriculum standards we would like to hear from you. Also, feel free to recommend additional content areas that you would like to see for a specific grade. Please send an email to:

You may also notice that some of the Kidport content is duplicated between grades. Some duplication is to accommodate differences between national and state curriculum. There is also duplication to provide a review and preview structure for students. For review purposes, content at the beginning of each grade overlaps with content from the end of the previous grade. In addition, at the end of each grade there is some overlap with the what is coming in the next grade. This is intended as a preview of what the student will be doing in the next grade. Feel free to skip whatever content is not appropriate to your particular educational goals.

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