Press Announcement

Kidport introduces new"Think-and-Learn" content

October 14, 1999 -- Saratoga, CA

Kidport announced today that it has introduced a completely redesigned web site with a major emphasis on"Think-and-Learn" concepts. The new content is designed to teach students in Kindergarten through eigth grade thinking and learning skills.The new content has been integrated with previous math, science, social studies and language arts workbook and reference library materials to help students transfer these skills to their traditional school homework.

The Kidport web site is now organized by grade and subject to make content easier to find based on a student's grade level. A major new component of Kidport is the "Think-and-Learn" content to better prepare students for the increasing volume and pace of information in today's society. The "Think-and-Learn" skills are design to teach students keys skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, scientific thinking and more. These skills not only help students better filter and comprehend information, but improve overall problem solving and decision making abilities. Kidport now consists on hundreds of educational and reference pages for Kindergarten through 4th grade, with content for 5th through 8th grade to follow soon.

Kidport provides educational products and services for children. Content consists of "Think-and-Learn" activities, interactive education modules and a comprehensive reference library to help students with Kidport activities and their own school homework

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